“Delighted with his work.”

I would like to recommend the services of Williams Contracting of Olympia, Wa. The owner Chris Williams is a great person to work with. We came to him with a raw concept of a garage with a second floor. He designed the building, checking with us about many details. He made a lot of suggestions that we were delighted with and incorporated into the design. He suggested a detail that resulted in a new front door for the house, it is great. Once we agreed to the design he took it to an architect to get working plans. The county permit approval process and the hiring of the sub contractors all flowed easily. 

Construction started and finished on time as was promised. From our perspective all went well. Chris contacted us almost every day to update us on progress, to discuss the next days work to be done and to clarify our desires. Since this was the first time we had hired a building contractor this was very reassuring. Once, a small detail was wrong and Chris fixed the issue without any additional cost to us. Chris was always doing whatever he needed to do to keep us informed and happy with the work.

We liked him so much that we are not hesitant to recommend him to anyone. We even had him do another project for us, a deck. Again we are delighted with his work.  

— Todd & Cindy T.

“Value good communication.”

Chris quickly became my most valuable resource while upgrading my house due to his wide array of capabilities, good communication, and prompt followup. He was able to assist me with so many different areas and was also able to provide me with many great industry resources for other needs that I had. I would definitely recommend Chris if you value good communication, a great attitude, and someone that can help walk you through a project from start to finish

— Joe J.